Rustic Wooden Sign Quotes

DIY Rustic Wooden Sign, Quotes

I’ve always loooove a good rustic wedding decoration – it’s classy and warm at the same time. I think it could be partially due to all the seemingly home made elements. The wild flowers decorations, the rustic wooden signs, the hand painted floral motifs.

Today I’m going to show you how to create your own rustic wooden sign in 7 steps!

What you’ll need:
1) Pieces of paper
2) Pencil
3) Eraser
4) Drawing Pen
5) Tracing paper (if you need to trace)
6) Rustic wooden board
7) Acrylic paint and brushes

Time taken: 1.5hours

Step 1:

Take a piece of A4 paper, cut it into 4.

The purpose of this is to have some papers in the same size for you to design your quotes on.

Step 2:

Find a quote that you like.

Tip – try to find it in a nice font type so that it will be easier for you to replicate

Step 3:

With a pencil, trace out the quote on the pieces of paper that you’ve prepared in Step 1. Due to my design background, what I normally do is I reference the quote on the screen and draw it out on the piece paper. If this is too hard, tracing will be an easier option.

Do this with as many quotes, as many times until you find one that you really like.

Photo 14-4-17-2

Step 4:

Choose one that you like and darken it with a pen.

I use the artist sketch pen from Zig, can be purchased from Art Friend Singapore

Photo 14-4-17-3

Step 5:

Once you have designed it, sketch it out on the wooden board. I bought my wooden board from Art Friend.

Tip: You can add some motif for it to be less plain.

Photo 18-6-17-2

Step 6:

Using acrylic paint, trace over what you’ve designed and paint a few layers for the text to have a nice contrast. You can also do the same for the motif.

Photo 18-6-17-3

Step 7:

Erase all the remaining pencil marks, if any. There you have it, you very own rustic wooden sign.

Photo 18-6-17

If you will like to purchase customised signs from me, do feel free to drop me a note in the contact section and I will get back as soon as possible.

Made in the name of love,

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